3in1 Surface


reates a dramatic level of realism by accentuating the texture that is aligned with the design image.

The BVG laminate floors have different surfaces, which are individually matched to the decors. Embossed wood textures ensure that your floor feels particularly genuine. You will find information about the respective surface under the décor illustrations on the collection pages.

When you see the textures of our laminate floors you can tell right away that someone highly skilled has been at work with great enthusiasm. Our styles leave a perfect impression of vibrant wood which is harmonious up to the smallest detail. Pores, textures, cracks – as vivid as the original.

Perfectly reproduced in every detail – That’s why we offer you our BVG laminate floors in 3 surface variants. So you can experience a laminate floor that abounds with naturalness. From silky smooth to heavily textured, you will find the surface finish in our range that enhances your selected style and desired format in a natural way.