Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles or Modular Tiles make it possible to find out the best floor designs. The availability of different colour schemes and shapes offer a plethora of options to let your imagination go wild with the flooring design. So, create unique and innovative designs that are perfect for your new renovation or build project. Carpet Tiles are the most flexible and practical flooring choice that allows you to achieve unique designs. It also makes transportation and installation process more manageable. Plus, it makes replacement of individual tiles possible when it is damaged, or you want to change colour.

So, take your ordinary room to the next level from standard to ultra-luxury and simple to funky with the full range of Interface Carpet Tiles. The Interface Floor Tiles always remain the top choice for larger spaces to add luxury and elegance, which has gained immense popularity for many good reasons. Let us look at the reasons why Carpet Tiles are the best choice for your next design project.

Different Colours and Designs Options  

Interface Flooring Tiles are available in various designs and sizes, from eye-popping patterns to impressive colour schemes. There are multiple designs and not to mention different colour schemes and endless patterns to suit your unique design project. So, be ready to get split with countless choices in Carpet Tiles.

You can also customize the design to give the space a rich and luxurious look since you can combine the Carpet Tiles for a unique look. The Interface Tiles are available in long planks as well as in squares, and you also have the freedom to choose a unique installation process to produce a unique placement style for the tiles. Some of the unique placement styles include Quarter-Turn, Brick, Herringbone, and Ashlar.

Easy Installation 

Because of the easy installation process, Carpet Tiles are becoming a popular flooring choice in residential and commercial buildings. Within 2 hours, any office room flooring can be converted into a carpet tile flooring without a wet renovation process or cleaning. The broadloom carpets are quite bulky, and installation takes lots of hard work, whereas Carpet Tiles are available in small sizes, making transportation and installation easier.

The installation of Carpet Tiles needs no skilled labor or special equipment and tools. There is no need for underlayment like broadloom carpets, thereby making it is the perfect choice for a variety of establishments. It also reduces the overall installation time and labor. Carpet Tiles are also easy to install in areas that are not accessible for broadloom carpet flooring.

Easy Maintenance and Replacement 

Carpet Tiles are becoming a popular choice today for most of the modern homes and offices. Maintenance of Carpet Tiles is simple, and tiles can be replaced individually without replacing the entire set of tiles when only one tile is damaged or discolored. The stained or soiled individual tiles can easily be replaced with a new one with ease. The modern Carpet Tiles are low pile, and hence it attracts less dust or dirt, thereby cleaning becomes more comfortable.

Health Benefits

It is becoming a huge priority for modern offices and homes to design a conducive working environment. To achieve this goal, homeowners and office owners are using eco-friendly Carpet Tiles. There are many Carpet Tiles brands awarded with CRI Green Label Plus by America and Singapore Green Building Certification. These types of Carpet Tiles are the best choice for creating a conducive environment at your office or home.

Aural Benefits

If you are about to design the flooring of a music studio, Carpet Tiles with backing would be the best choice compared to laminate or vinyl flooring. The Carpet Tiles with backing are becoming the best choice even for co-working spaces and open concept offices where there are no walls to barrier the sounds. So, to control the ambient noise levels, which can easily reach uncontrollable levels, you may install Carpet Tiles with backing to offer the aural benefits.

After considering all these factors, it won’t be exaggerated to state that Carpet Tiles Online is the best flooring choice for your next design project of commercial and residential establishments.

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