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With the innovation and advancement in cladding and decking product lines and procedures, buildings and properties can be secured efficiently against different types of physical damages. It would be best if you always focus on choosing the right materials for cladding and decking. The materials you choose must enhance the external appearance and look of the property while adding higher durability with little to no maintenance. Composite Cladding and Decking material tick all these boxes, making it the best choice for a newly constructed house.

Composite Cladding and Decking is quickly becoming the highly preferred upgrade option for most modular and modern homes. Apart from offering the Best Cladding Experience in Home, it also comes with many other benefits. Find out the top benefits associated with Composite Cladding and Decking materials.

Low in Maintenance 

Composite broads used for decking and cladding are pre-finished, and this makes it the perfect low maintenance option for new homes. The quality composite boards are very durable, and it sustains the great look of the house for more than 25 years without spending time and money for weekend maintenances. The composite boards won’t decay or wear out over time, and hence no painting or staining required. If it gets stains or dirt, cleaning is easy with soapy water or pressure cleaner.

As compared to timber, which requires annual staining and painting to preserve its good look, the Composite Cladding and Decking material are far cheaper as it saves your effort and money over the years.

Environmentally Friendly 

The Composite Cladding and Decking materials are made of recycled products, including plastics, timber fibres, natural minerals, and other polymer resins. So, you have a variety of sustainable options out there today. Each linear meter of the composite boards comprises 37 recycled plastic milk bottles and around 2KG of reclaimed pine dust. So, the composite boards are made of recycled materials, which would otherwise end up as landfills. Plus, it prevents the need to exploit natural resources.

Attractive Looks and Appearance 

Composite Cladding and Decking materials are available in a variety of captivating colour schemes and timber grain finishes. Hence, you are likely to find the best that fits your need and new house. Since it can be screwed using concealed fixes, it offers the exterior a neat and clean look. Besides, Composite Cladding and Decking boards don’t wear out or decompose like timber after years of usages.

Plus, there is no issue related to cracking, splitting or warping, and you don’t have to invest money for painting, staining and resealing the boards to keep its natural look and beauty over time.

Higher Durability

Since the Composite Cladding and Decking boards are made of plastic and timber dust, you get the benefits of both the worlds. The timber used for designing it makes the final product rigid and less prone to crash. The plastic elements included in the product increase its resistance to severe weather conditions and environmental abuses.

The combination of timber and plastic makes it highly durable, and it ensures to sustain its looks year after year. It promises to offer you 25-years plus maintenance-free services and beautiful looking exteriors that envy the onlookers.

High BAL Ratings

The Composite Cladding and Decking boards are widely used in homes with higher BAL ratings. There are IPE Cladding Suppliers that offer Composite Cladding boards suitable for the construction of exteriors with BAL ratings of 29 and above.

For decking, the Composite boards are designed with fire retardant additive, and they are certified and tested to resist bushfire attacks up to BAL 40. So, you can easily build your deck using composite broads in high-risk bushfire zones.


When you are building a new home, ensure to take out time to compare the benefits and pitfalls of Composite Cladding and Decking boards and timer and choose the best-suited materials according to your need and budget.

The composite materials may cost you a bit more upfront, but it offers you long-term benefits that are not possible with other cladding and decking materials. It helps you save money on maintenance, painting, and staining and reduces the impact on the environment. So, switching to Composite Cladding and Decking materials is always a smart choice indeed. You can get the best quotes and cheaper deals online from reliable suppliers.

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