Laminate Flooring Installation Tips

There are many things that you must know before starting your DIY Laminate Flooring Installation process. You must review the installation guide provided by the manufacturer of the Laminate Flooring. Remember, Laminate Flooring is the permanent fixture that will be with you for years to come, and hence installation must be done correctly to reap its benefits longer.


Use the below laminate flooring installation tips to avoid the flaws and errors before and after installation of the flooring. Here is the Laminate Flooring Installation Dos and Don’ts that you must keep in mind for optimal results.


The Laminate Flooring Installation Dos!


Below is the list of Laminate Flooring Installation Dos that you must know before starting the installation process.


  • Read thoroughly the instructions offered by the manufacturer of the Laminate Flooring and ensure to follow the guidelines for professional installation.
  • Understand the flooring patterns and direction before starting the process of installation
  • Before you start the installation process, you have to ensure that the floor of the room is acclimated to normal room temperature at least 36 hours before installation
  • The room’s subfloor must be prepared by cleaning and leveling it, and it must be structurally perfect.
  • The laminate underlayment must be of higher grade and ensure to install the underlayment perfectly if it is not fixed to the floor.
  • Now you need to tape the seams together of the underlayment as soon as you are laying it. Besides, you also need to check if there are any visible damages on the plank. You must look at the three random boxes.
  • There are laminate installation kits available out there, which you may use to efficiently complete the installation process.
  • You must make use of small pieces of scrap laminate as spacers to maintain the expansion gap in a perfect size. According to professionals and experts, you must prefer leaving at least 25 inches of expansion gap around the perimeter and leave about 5 inches of larger areas. Maintain at least one plank width from each other.
  • The joints of the flooring must be 12 inches to 18 inches wider from structural support.


Laminate Flooring Installation Don’ts


  • Avoid installing Laminate Flooring on floors that have drains beneath it
  • You must avoid installing Laminate Flooring on uneven subfloors
  • Avoid installing the laminate flooring in areas exposed to consistent dampness, high humidity or low humidity.
  • It is not a good choice to install laminate flooring in outdoor environments, and it must not be installed over residential carpet
  • You must avoid installing a double layer of laminate underlayment for more cushioning effects because it will compromise the locking system and impact the integrity of the joints
  • You must also avoid running the laminate floors lengthwise over 30 feet without transition strip. It is not good to install the laminate floors through openings that are less than 48 inches in width. Here it would be best if you use transition mold.
  • Avoid cutting the laminate floors in the same area where you intend to install it and ensure to keep the area clean and dust-free. Besides, it would be best if you did not cut the floor in a backward direction as it may cause chipping and damages on the top decorative layer of the floor. You must ensure to cut into the decorative layer when making cuts.
  • Avoid nailing the wall base mold or a quarter round of floor and ensure to fix it to the wall with room beneath for floor to contract or expand.


Additional Laminate Flooring Installation Tips!


When purchasing the Laminate Flooring online, you have to make the purchase of thresholds, base mold, and quarter-round along with it. It will help you to save money and time. Laminate Flooring is available in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs to meet your decorative needs. Besides, the Laminate Wood Flooring Prices vary depending upon the manufacturers, designs, patterns, and colors. So, ensure to compare the prices carefully before buying it and seek the installation guide’s help to make the installation process successful. If you think you can’t install the flooring, seek help from experts and professionals in the field.

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