All about laminated wood flooring

Laminated Wood Flooring

All about laminated wood flooring

When it comes to decorating our houses then we can go to any possible extent. There are so many modern ways of decorating or enhancing the look of the house. One of the ways is laminate wood flooring’s. It is the newest part of the enhancement of the house look. In simple words, laminated flooring’s is basically a synthetic product which is made up of compressing 2 or 3 layers. As it is made by compressing some layers then it is obvious that it will be strong enough to withstand the tough situations your house see in day to day life and thus making it live long which eventually saves up your money in, again and again, spending money to buy new flooring’s. So you see that connectivity line? That’s something I have in short gave all the important and major attracting properties of laminated flooring.

It is very important to know about the flooring type you are using in your house because if you will not be knowing it completely, you won’t be able to do any touch- ups or won’t be able to take the prevention measures. Every type of flooring be it wooden, laminated wooden, marble, stone or granite it is very important to know the perks of each kind of flooring and how possibly can you save it from degrading.

So, if you were looking for some information about this, you are the right place. Let us go deeper and know everything about laminated flooring including its benefits, where to be installed, can be used as wallpapers or not, is it waterproof and water-resistant and many more:

  1. Benefits of laminate floors:
  • As we know already that laminated wood flooring is a combination of 2 or 3 layer so that’s an obvious thing that it is strong as well as thick, its thickness may vary from brand to brand and from money to money too. It is totally up to you what you want to purchase and what exactly your budget is. Choosing a thicker laminate floor means it will block all the dirt and dust at maximum level as compared to the less thick one and secondly, it might cost you a bit high but will definitely stay up with you a lot of a long time too. It will be durable and dent resistant. But there is some case where manufacturers attach pads to create thickness so don’t go for money first check the quality.


  • Laminate flooring is available at different options, range, colors, textures, form. You will literally get a lot of range when going to purchase it. So what I suggest you personally firstly go look all around your house and see which particular color and texture will suit best on to your place. The best part is what you like, you will get. No matter what be it glass finish, glossy, colorful, dull, or any other look you will get and you will love. Just be conscious when you choose.


  • The laminate floor does not cost much at least not as much as hardwood does. It might look costly to you for short run time but if you are a person who doesn’t like changes frequently and didn’t find investing again and again in any particular thing then this is the thing or better say one-time invest thing for you.


  • People who are prone to allergies, dirt, dust or suffer from asthma or any other breathing problem then it is very important that you should stay in a clean place where air should be clear and clean. Then switching to laminated floors is a great option as it traps all the dust and dirt you bring in your shoes and air coming from outside.


  1. Waterproof and water-resistant or not?

Yes, it’s a big yes people. All the laminate flooring comes with air proof and water-resistant quality. But for a better and safe side always ask the shop keeper about the material with which it has been produced. If you want super water-resistant then just let the shop keeper know and he/she will get one for you. That type of floors is mainly required in bathrooms. If you want to prevent your walls from dipping water, and showcasing it in the front use wallpapers for walls.


  1. Where laminate floor can be installed?

The best place where installation of laminated floors is considered ideal is the heavy traffic. These areas are living rooms, playing room, store room etc. as we already know they are durable and strong enough then all the heavy things which we keep in the living room, playing room or in the store, it will not harm the floor at all. But because of its waterproof and water-resistant property, it also makes it ideal for kitchen and bathrooms. And if you have a basement then there is nothing better than laminated flooring as we keep hard, harsh and the floor there is moist. So in short laminate flooring is ideal for every place possible in your house.


  1. Can it be installed on floors?

Yes, you can definitely put a laminate floor on to walls as a wallpaper it looks amazing. But make sure you don’t install it on ceilings or counter tops. Before applying it make sure your wall is all dry and clean, no bumps should be there and with the help of experts, you can install it. As when you install laminate flooring’s on to your floors there is no such hard and fast rule and process, you can easily install it there. But installing it on to walls is a bit of process so always take help of someone who knows properly how it is done.

For more information on such topics checkout the website. You can find all the information and knowledge about this kind of topics.

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