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If you are wondering about carpet tiles and whether they are suitable for your home or not, then thank God you are here. To begin with, carpet tiles are a lot of fun. They are versatile and durable. You can install them in your living room, kids’ room, and even in your basement. Carpet tiles are gaining a lot of attention these days, possibly because they are not difficult to install and also it makes the room look vibrant and joyous. Pretty good reason to install them in your house too. Carpets tile are basically squares of carpet which are fitted together. They are also known as modular carpets and are also named as carpet squares. Do remember that there are many cheap carpet tiles available online which you can easily purchase to completely overhaul the look of your house or your office.

Following are the Top 8 Benefits of Carpet Tiles:

Easy to install

Easy to install

When it comes to choosing any kinds of flooring for our office or home, the first thing that strikes our mind is the ease of installing them. And yes, carpet tiles are extremely easy to install. In fact, you can install them all by yourself too. It’s always fun to be able to do something for your home on your own. Make it your DIY project for the weekend and save the installing cost.

Colourful and Vibrant

Colourful and vibrant

Carpet tiles are available in various hues and textures. You might run out of ideas but never out of colours. Enhance your creativity with mix and match carpet tiles, make your living room look brighter. Create something stunning for your kids’ playroom. Your kids will love it.


Best part about buying carpet tiles is that they are pocket friendly. Plus, if you decide to do it yourself then you save the installation amount too. They don’t require a lot of manpower and are not like the hard tiles or wood flooring.

Easy maintenance

Hard tiles are difficult to maintain not in terms of cleaning but when it breaks or catches stains. Changing and replacing them becomes bit of a headache, but with carpet tiles, all you need to do is take out one or two tiles and replace them with a new one. This way they last longer too. Since they are not expensive, replacing them won’t give you any stress either.

Another benefit is that you can easily clean these carpet tiles. Got a vacuum cleaner? Then just vacuum it. They don’t catch dust or debris easily. The best thing to do in order to keep yourself free from cleaning them daily is to install grey and artistic carpet tiles which will act as a camouflage.


Carpet tiles are very tight in nature and can easily handle traffic. It doesn’t matter the amount of household members you have, carpet tiles will easily hold huge traffic. Even in office, you can install carpet tiles for its durability.

Lesser Waste

Lesser waste

Since carpet tiles are small in sizes they can fit into any room easily with minimal wastage.

Free from Allergies and Better Air Quality

Free from allergies and better air quality

Carpet tiles are a great alternative to hard and stubborn tiles, since they are small in size and low pile, they catch lesser amount of dust and debris, making it safe for everyone.

Moisture and Water Resilient

Well, carpet tiles are not waterproof but they are more resilient to moisture and water. If you are residing in a flood prone zone, then you might need to replace the entire carpet tile but if you are in an area where there are lesser chances of water accidents, like a baby or a pet accident, then yes carpet tiles are perfect for you.

Along with it, do give a try to engineered wood flooring too. They can also make your home look artistic and also the alluring rustic feel is something everyone truly enjoys. Wherever you decide to install it, it makes that room look timeless and sophisticated. Here are some of the reasons why you should contact the best engineered wood flooring manufacturers in India:

  • Engineered wood flooring are solid.
  • No one will be able to tell the difference between the solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring
  • Resilient to fluctuating temperatures.
  • Very stable and durable
  • You can easily install engineered wood flooring in your home.
  • They are available in various colours and styles. You get the option to pick from different wood species.

But if you want to stick with carpet tiles only then here are some ideas that might help you:

Striped Pattern:

Striped pattern

Bold coloured stripe pattern carpet tiles can make any room look brighter. You can pick this style especially for your kid’s room. Pop-up themed carpet tiles can always cheer up the room.

Different Colour Patterns:

Different colour patterns

Carpet tiles are a lot of fun. You can pick as few different colour carpet tiles to as many as you like. Create box like patterns or a sudden striking colour. Just let your imagination kick-in and go creative.

Mix and Match:

Mix and Match

There is no limit to imagination when it comes to installing carpet tiles. You can mix and match two different colours too.

There you are, we hope this article will help you in your journey of purchasing carpet tiles for your home and office.

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