Don’t we all want our home to look no less than a designer house in an elite magazine? Admit it, all of us want it, but executing it is what blocks our way and one of the main constraints is money. But, why are we so fixated with high-end and expensive furniture or show-pieces for our living room when we can tackle interior designing easily with just a few splendid ideas?

If you are thinking of decorating your new home without spending lavishly, then you have come to the right place. Let us help you achieve the exact design and idea that you have in mind without putting too much pressure on our pockets. Sounds good? Then let’s get started. FIY, make sure you contact only the best IPE cladding and decking manufacturer in case if this is the material you are looking for, for the house.

Install An Artistic Wall Shelf:

Install an Artistic wall shelf

No one likes to stare at a blank wall, a blank wall is like a blank canvas waiting desperately to be painted on. If you have a small house and running low on budget then all you need to do besides colouring it with some peppy colours is to install an artistic book shelf. It’s ok if you don’t read books, no one cares, but having a stylish wall embedded book shelf can definitely make your house look sophisticated. If you know carpentry, then you can try making one on your own too.

Got TV Area? Time To Make It Look Sophisticated:

Got TV area? Time to make it look sophisticated

In order to buy a beautiful TV showcase, honestly, you don’t really need to spend a lot. Keep the extra money with yourself for other stuff. Just get a wall mounted TV shelf and make sure it has drawers too. You will need it to stack your old DVD’s and the most essential remote control. Fit the wall mounted shelf with some gorgeous backlight. Trust us, this will make your living room look no less than a pub. This will neither consume a lot of space and you will be able to place the furniture in your living room easily.

Inexpensive Touches:

Got an old lamp? Brighten it up by covering the top of the old lamp with a cheerful fabric. There are tons of ways to overhaul your living room, all you need is an idea. If the walls look too dull, stick some beautiful butterfly stickers on it. No need to paint it with brand new colours, this will cost you, hence, select an alternate and cheaper option. Wall stickers! Go and buy high quality wallpapers for wall covering today.

Can You Build A Partition Shelf?

If you know carpentry or know someone who can make it for you then ask him to build a furniture which you can use in multiple ways. You can go for a wall shelf where you can store all the important things in your house and also make it look like a divider when you need a partition. Sounds good right! Two-in-one.

Be An Artist:

Another thing that you can do and no you don’t need to be Picasso for this is to make a DIY art. Grab a canvas and throw some paint. Match the colours with the colour of the furniture. Go and start throwing some colours on the canvas wildly. Soon it will turn out to be a master piece.

Buy Paper Lampshades:

Already happy with our cool ideas, then here’s a few more. You can buy some really interesting paper lampshades from the market and cover your old lamps with the new ones. This way you will get a feel that you have purchased new items for your home and visitors will also be awe-struck with your unique design.

Take Out the Old Chairs and Repaint Them:

If you are tired of looking at your old dining table and chairs, then please don’t throw them away. Simply repaint them. Any colour or pattern that you can think of. Just do it.

Don’t Buy, Rent it:

Nowadays internet is bombarded with rented furniture platforms. Don’t spend money on buying new furniture each and every time. You can simply rent an amazing piece of chair which shares the aura of both the contemporary and rustic look. This will go really well with your wooden floor.


If you have a small house and want it to look brighter, then the easiest and the cheapest way to do it is by buying mirrors of several shapes and sizes. You can fill a wall with mirrors and let it shine. Pick frames of different styles, let them create some drama in the room.

How About A Bar on the Wall?

Cross your heart and tell us if you have not thought about setting up a bar in your living room? But then who can afford these fancy things right! But, what if we tell you that with minimal investment you can set up a floating shelf bar just behind the dining table. You need it.

So, here you go, use these ideas and start decorating the interior of your house. Don’t forget to buy some wall stickers though. This is honestly the cheapest and the easiest way to make your house look extravagant.

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