Solid Wood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is the premium addition to any home which is known for its infrequency. Most of the homeowners prefer installing solid hardwood flooring in their home as they are motivated both by the marketing efforts of Best Solid Wood Flooring Supplier in Delhi and due to the fact that hardwood flooring tends to be easier to maintain and install. Solid hardwood flooring is the affordable flooring options than many realize and this makes it the top choice for many households today. But, before you move ahead with this flooring option, it is necessary that you know the total cost involved in installing solid hardwood flooring in your home during your next renovation project.

What is the Average Cost of Solid Wood Flooring in a Home?

The average cost of solid hardwood flooring in a home varies depending upon a variety of factors. Usually the installation cost ranges from 250/- INR to 350/-INR per square foot both for prefinished and unfinished solid wood. Some of the species of wood even cost you as low as 150/- INR per square foot and it may also range as high as Rs. 400/- INR per square foot for the unfinished domestic hardwood. However as mentioned the imported and exotic hardwood would cost you higher.

The pre-finished solid wood price starts from Rs. 300/- INR and it can cost even high up to Rs. 700/- INR per square foot. But you can find the cheaper deals and affordable installation cost when you buy your hardwood flooring from reliable sources online like

The installation of the solid wood flooring usually range from Rs. 250/- INR to Rs. 350/- INR per square foot and the installation cost is separately charged for both prefinished and unfinished wood. Many homeowners who purchase the unfinished wood floors usually prefer doing the finishing job themselves and this helps them cut cost in installation. But, if you want them to be finished by the professionals, it will simply add up to the total installation cost by Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 per square foot. But to save money on solid wood flooring, it is advisable to purchase the pre-finished flooring from reliable suppliers of solid wood floors in Delhi.

What are the Factors Determining the Average Cost of Solid Wood Flooring

The major factor that helps in determining the average Solid Wood Flooring Cost is the grade of the solid wood. Below is the list of grade that is commonly used from least expensive to most expensive and what they exactly mean.

  • Clear Grade – It is mostly free from knots and has no blemishes. It has uniform colour with longer board lengths.
  • Exclusive or Select – The colour variety changes from board to board and it has more blemishes and knots which are visible to eyes. They are prefinished wood
  • Better and Select – It comes with uniform colour with very little blemishes and knots and available in longer board lengths. Most of the hardwoods sold today are of select and better grade.
  • Antique, Traditional or Character – This is the grade of solid wood that comes with lots of natural variance in colour and character. You will also find knots and pinholes and it comes in shorter board lengths. These are prefinished wood flooring term and rustic in look.
  • Cabin or Tavern – This is the cheapest of all hardwood flooring and it shows lots of characters, knots and blemishes and you will find it in different colour variances. But the board length of the wood is only 24 inches.

The species of wood also makes a huge difference in the overall cost. These were some of the factors which affect the overall installation cost of Solid Wood Flooring. But there will be no dramatic changes in the estimates provided to you, unless and until you go for some exotic and rare species of wood for hardwood flooring.

To save money on your solid hardwood flooring installation you must shop around online. There are many dealers and suppliers that specialize in both prefinished and unfinished wood floors with varied price ranges. With proper comparison of the price list online you will be able to find the cheaper deals and offers which can help you save money on your next hardwood flooring purchase.

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