Laminate Flooring Installation Tips and Tricks

Laminate Flooring Installation Tips and Tricks is a cost-effective and simple way to cover larger areas of your house or commercial establishment. Laminate Flooring is always the popular choice as it is scratch resistance and offers the same warm look like real hardwood, but at pocket-friendly rates, because the wood flooring price is low than real hardwood. The Laminate Floors are designed with composite materials that are similar to plastic and hence it won’t damage like hardwood and last for years to come. Since it clicks and locks together, the installation process is also easier. But for the perfect installation, you need to equip yourself with the right tools and skills which are shared below for your help.

Removing and Smoothening the Underlayment

The very first step is to remove the underlayment or the baseboard of the room. You need to remove the existing baseboard mold. To remove it you have to make use of a pry bar which helps you to remove the baseboard from walls. You need to keep the baseboard aside for further re-installation. You need to remove the underlayment and clean the surface perfectly before installing the Laminate Flooring.

Now you need to make the subfloor smoother as the Laminate Flooring would not get installed evenly if the surface is uneven. The right tool for this is a belt sander comprising a coarse grit belt with knockdown seams. This will help in making the surface even for perfect Laminate Flooring installation.

Cutting the Laminate Flooring

Well, there are many people who are wondering How to Cut Laminate Flooring? Well, there are tools available like miter saw that can do the job for you. But this is time-consuming and noisy. So, people today make use of Laminate Shears which can cleanly and quietly cut the Laminate Flooring in required sizes.

You may either rent the tool from any contractor or you may purchase it from stores. There are many high-end models and low-end models and you need to choose to depend upon the project you are handling.

Starting the Installation

You need to start installing the Laminate Flooring from the walls that have most doorways. You have to undercut the trim and jambs. But it is very easy to start at the doorway than ending up a one.

You need to cut the first row of the planks according to the size of the room layout. If required you must make use of clamps to steady the planks when cutting them. You will find the space clips that come with the kits. Ensure to wedge the between the Laminate Flooring planks and while installing it leaves a gap of ¼” for the baseboard installation and this gap would be removed once the baseboard is fixed.

You need to start with the first-row installation with the tongue side facing walls. Ensure to check the planks as some kit have planks that don’t have tongue edges and hence you need to do the installation accordingly. Once you are done with the first row, you need to start with other rows. When installing the other rows you need to leave a gap for seams at least 12” in adjoining rows. In the installation of the final row, you need to slide planks in position at the required angle and make sure to pry them all gradually in places using the best Laminate Flooring Installation Tools. But ensure to keep the required gap in the final row and wall for baseboard installation.

Installation the Door Transition Strips

Laminate Flooring Installation Tips and Tricks – If the floor is under the doorway, it is better to leave some gap to install the transition strip between rows rather than snapping together the flooring. You need to position the gap under the door so that the strip can be installed and make visual sense. With the transition strip, you can easily treat each room as a separate project and this also offers higher flexibility on the layout.

You may install the Laminate Flooring directly on top of the existing flooring, but for better results, it is suggested that you must remove the existing floor and use it above the subfloor. You need to use these tips and tricks to install the Laminate Flooring like a professional. Check online for more tips and tricks on the Laminate Flooring installation.

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