IPE Cladding Helpful for Preserving Your House

IPE siding is known to be best and the most durable siding that one can buy. It has hard, strong, rough and tough and naturally resistant to rot, weather, insects etc. it is almost twice harder than normal wood and five times stronger than that. Not just hard and tough characteristic it holds but also has beautiful look which has dark color so the person does not have to actually worry about color stains or fading of color. Nowadays IPE wood lumber has become more popular as it is much inexpensive and long lasting and it is an alternative to teak lumber. It is used for decking outdoor applications like furniture, siding,and fencing. It has an extremely long life it can literally last up to 40 or mostly it goes above 40 years. That is 4-7 times as long as most pressures treated woods.

If your house is losing the charm then worry not use the IPE cladding to make it new again. You can always get the premium look of your house retained at any point in time. This is very easy as decking can be in different ways. Now there are some cons and well as a lot of pros of decking and IPE cladding.

Here are some pros:

  1. Strong: It is extremely strong and 100% natural wood decking. Infact, it is 8 times harder than California redwood which is known to be the most durable and strong wood. It has the same class A fire rating as concrete or steel.
  1. Hard: It is pretty dense and hard as pressure treated woods. It also has a double or triple layer for creating hardness.
  1. Long lasting: It is durable enough that it can last literally up to 40 years or more. Natural structure and extreme qualities help in improving the life span of it. It does not make any problems like any other usual ones.
  1. Smooth: See the IPE cladding has a very beautiful and touchy finish to remember. When it comes to smoothness, you cannot trust anybody but experts. So what you can do is get a list of top IPE cladding manufacturers and choose the best among them. Do not just rely on any manufacturer because at times if you do not choose the right one, things can be very different. You need to choose wisely and yes remember to get them straight into the head about what you want.
  1. Ages Gracefully: As it is long lasting because it has many layers of woods that is why it goes on and on gracefully for ages. With this quality, it also helps in maintaining the color of the wood. Itscolor does not fade away that easily.
  1. Naturally Fire and Rot Resistant: This is one of the best properties that gives an added advantage to the IPE cladding. The surface where you use it gets a better look with this feature. It preserves your house by giving it a look which is resistant to fire and rot. This means if you accidentally throw a lit candle or matchstick on it, there would be no harm made.
  1. Insect Resistant: Insects, mold, fungus all of these love to inhabit soft, wet wood. So they are least attracted by insects as it is strong enough and does not get wet. It is not only said but also tested by keeping it underground for many days. Even after a long time it didn’t get and thus did not attract any of the insects. Thus it is safe for external usages as well as internal usages.

Here are the cons:

  1. Heavy: Yes, this one place you need to compromise with the cladding. It is odd to be heavy. If you wish to remove it or change the position, it is almost impossible to remove it all by yourself. You would definitely want someone for sure. So if you need everything and eliminate the heaviness, then you can think of using the Thermo Pine Decking system for sure.
  1. Requires pre-drilling or hidden installation hardware: One of the worst things about IPE cladding is, you cannot drill in it,later on, you will have to pre-drill the deck before cladding. Even if you wish to install any hardware in the system.

No, you exactly know that how can you retrieve the long lost charm of your house. If there is any other problem you can really have a consultant’s help. There is a lot of things that the experts could help you in and they can also suggest the alternatives and how to go by with the decking. But even then, don’t just blindly trust a single expert. Take a word from 3 to 4 experts and analyze things yourself. So, you need to take the right decision by yourself.

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