Pros & Cons of Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate Flooring offers one thing really above all flooring options – it looks and imitates the real hardwood flooring with added protection of lamination. Developed several decades ago, the Laminate Flooring is the affordable alternative to real hardwood flooring and the modern Laminate Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacturers in Delhi have already upped the game by including different types and better quality of wood species.

From hickory to American icons like Oak and heartwood pine to the exotics like Prado and tiger wood, the manufacturers are using different high-quality wood for designing the best Laminate Wood Flooring for their clients.

You will find the antiqued and rustic versions which would help you to achieve the century-old look in your flooring. Some of the suppliers also provide you with Laminate Wood Flooring that comes with different portfolio of tiles, stone and metal look. You will find so much of varieties because of the photographic process that are being used to design the styles of laminate flooring.

The manufacturer uses high-resolution images of real hardwood that are vibrantly pragmatic. The image is masterly printed and then glued to the core of the fibreboard that is supported by the bottom layer which is treated later to prevent moisture trapping and damaging. All these are finally covered with clear, tough top wear layer that is scratch and ding resistant.

The Goods of Laminate Wood Flooring

  • The Laminate Wood Flooring is usually available as tiles or planks. The ends or edges are designed in such a way that it can snap together and hence there is no nailing required and this makes installation faster and easier.
  • Due to such construction the pieces get higher stability and it also prevents seams from opening up during higher humidity and temperature changes.
  • They are light in weight and this snap together Laminate Wood Flooring can be installed over any thin foam cushion underlayment, thereby making it the best choice for installation over any existing flooring.
  • The Laminate Wood Flooring also minimizes the use of VOC releasing glues. They are eco friendly as no old growth or exotic trees go into designing this Laminate Wood Flooring
  • The wear layer on the surface of the Laminate Wood Flooring is extremely tough and durable and this makes maintenance and cleaning easier. With occasional sweeping you can keep the surface clean and free from all abrasive grit

The Bad About Laminate Wood Flooring

  • No matter what is the quality rating of the Laminate Wood Flooring, it tends to trap moisture and sustain moisture damage in future. So, it is not a good choice in rooms with excessive water usages like laundry rooms and room with floor drains and sump pumps. It must be protected with moisture barrier when they are installed in basement floors or above slabs. It makes a good choice for kitchen installation, but cleaning diligently is necessary.
  • The Laminate Wood Flooring can’t be refinished like the real hardwood flooring. So, if it wears out once, it needs to be replaced completely and this calls for an expensive affair. It is necessary that you check the warranty of the Laminate Wood Flooring before buying it. Some of the Laminate Flooring Suppliers in Delhi offer higher warranties which ensure a longer life span and better quality of the flooring.
  • Despite being visually appealing and imitates hardwood flooring, the Laminate Wood Flooring is still synthetic and it may feel unreal and unnatural and may produce harsh sound when walking upon it.
  • The wear layer on the surface of Laminate Wood Flooring is plastic and this is not considered degradable in landfills. There are some Laminate Wood Flooring that comes with wear layer made out of formaldehyde and other chemicals which can release toxic VOCs and this is harmful both for your health and environment.


If you have set your mind for real hardwood flooring and attracted to the benefits offered by Laminate Wood Flooring, then you may settle with Laminate Flooring indeed. This is an affordable alternative to hardwood and hence people with a tight budget may opt for Laminate Wood Flooring if they want to achieve the real wood feeling without burning a hole in their pocket. in Delhi specializes in a wide range of Laminate Wood Flooring to suit your budget and needs.

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