IPE Decking Installation Tips

Ipe Decking is the new trend that is here to last for years to come. But to reap its benefits for years to come you have to install it properly like a pro. The IPE Decking Screws are the crucial part of your IPE Decking Installation Tips. The best screw is the one made out of stainless steel which helps you to fasten the deck boards to the deck joists for longer structural bracing and higher strength. So, if you are attracted to IPE Decking and want to fasten it with screws properly, then ensure that you either pre-drill the deck boards or use specialty screws to eliminate this step. Pre-drilling is necessary as the IPE Decking boards are very hard and stronger. Below you will come across with some helpful tips to install IPE Decking and remember that the total IPE Decking Installation Cost varies depending upon the installation method you opt for.

Pre-Drill the Boards and Use IPE Plugs to Conceal the Screw Heads

The easiest and efficient way to install the IPE Decking is by pre-drilling the screw holes with a countersink bit. With the use of countersink bit, you can easily drill the holes and give the boards with sufficient room for the screw heads and IPE plugs. Once it is done you have to screw down the IPE Decking board and use the pre-made IPE plugs to conceal the screw heads on the board after installation.

But, you need to understand that this method of installing IPE Decking is very time consuming and the IPE Decking Price also vary depending upon the board used in the method. If you are planning to install the IPE Decking yourself, then ensure learn all the preparation steps to achieve the best results with it. Entrusting the job to the contractor will simply add up to the total installation cost. But the high installation cost is well worth as the lasting looks and appearance of the IPE Decking is second to none after perfect installation.

Pre-Drill the Boards and Screw Directly into Joists without Plugs

The second method for installing IPE Decking is to pre-drill the holes for screw heads in the boards before installing it and ensure to use a countersink drill bit for the drilling process. In this method, the depth of the countersink must be shallower to enable only the top of the screw to set slightly below the top of the IPE board. This screw down method will really save you from the extra steps of installing IPE Plugs to conceal the screw heads. However, in this method, the screw heads will be visible to your eyes.

For most of the DIY enthusiast, this method of installation is best for the decking project. But, if you are using the decking contractor for installation of the IPE deck, then this method would prove to be less costly and inexpensive than the previous method where IPE Plugs were used.

Using Self Drilling IPE Decking Screws for Installation of IPE Decking

Because of the new technology and Benefits of Decking, people are now widely using this as the flooring option. Now you can even use the self-drilling screws which eliminate the requirement of pre-drilling during IPE Decking installation. These screws have always stood erect of all tests of time. These are the ejector screws which are considered to be the best and most reliable screw for IPE Decking installation. With the help of this installation method, you can efficiently install the decking, but the screw head will still be visible to your eyes after installation. But, the time consumption in this method is significantly low as compared to all other methods mentioned above.

Contractors today make use of this installation method for residential and commercial projects. They make use of the ejector screws for fastening the IPE Decking as well as Thermo Ask Decking to keep it reliable, stronger and within budget. It also proves to be the most reliable fastening solution for areas with high traffic.

So, these were some of the fastening and installation methods of IPE Decking. You may also check the website of for more details regarding the IPE Decking installation and fastening methods. You may also look for the best IPE Decking materials from the website to buy it for your next decking project.

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