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Christophe Philippe Oberkampf is the man who invented the first machine in 1785 to print colored tints on different sheets of wallpapers. Since then this concept of designing wallpapers has been consistently evolving and today it has emerged to be an integral segment in the niche of interior design. Wallpapers are becoming an increasingly popular choice today and with the renaissance of this versatile wall covering option comes several new developments in the materials of wallpapers.

Today, you will come across with a variety of materials which are used for designing the Wallpaper for Wall. They are easy to install and remove and you have the option to choose the best material and design for the walls of your room that suits your unique budget and design tastes.

Vinyl Wallpapers

When it comes to wallpapers the most common and popular choice is the Vinyl Wallpapers because of its durability and versatility. The vinyl wallpapers are easy to install and if it doesn’t suit your design tastes then removal is a breeze for you indeed. Maintenance is very minimal with the vinyl material and you will find several options in vinyl based wallpapers depending upon your needs and budget.

Solid Sheet Vinyl Wallpapers

This is the pure vinyl wallpaper which is the durable and maintenance less option. It is quite thick than its counterpart and demands for very minimal maintenance. Removal of the sheet is also very easy and you will find no difficulty in removing it when it fades away. The solid sheet vinyl wallpaper is always embossed with different designs which add to the beauty of the printing.

Vinyl Coated Fabric

Fabric wallpapers are the new option in wall coverings and always remains the favourite choice because of its rich texture and natural feel. Vinyl coating is applied for safety and security and it provides good degree of protection and enhances its durability at large. This wallpaper is considered to be the ultimate choice for dining rooms, sitting rooms and living areas where texture is considered the key design element.

Vinyl Coated Paper

Upgrading your walls from plain paper wallpaper to the vinyl coated paper would provide you with multiple benefits of durability and wash-ability which can’t be achieved with paper wallpaper alone. Because of the vinyl coating on the paper, it makes a good option for wall covering in a variety of areas like laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms where high humidity is present.

Non Woven Wallpaper

The non woven wallpapers are basically the vinyl-free wall coverings and it is the ultimate choice for highly sensitive environments. This material is breathable and washable and you don’t have to worry about mold formation on wallpaper. This wallpaper is easy to install and removal is not a hurdle indeed. The issue of wear and tear of wallpaper is well addressed and it comes off the wall in one single strip. So, renovation jobs which involve structural work on walls can be done easily by removing it and again putting it back without any damages.

Easy Walls Wallpapers

Just like non woven wallpapers, the easy walls wallpapers are designed with VOC free, PVC material and the ink used for engrossing the designs is water based. Cleaning and maintaining of the wallpaper is really very simple and easy and it is breathable too. So, there will be no issue regarding mold formation on the wallpaper. This is the type of wallpaper which comes with pre-applied adhesives and this ensures installation and removal a breeze for you indeed.

Pre-Pasted Wallpaper

This can be one of the types of wallpaper listed here and it is pre-pasted in nature. This means that you are not required to purchase adhesives additionally as it is always present on the wallpaper. The pre-pasted glue is dry and before installing it you need to activate it by wetting the rear of the wallpaper.

There are many suppliers in India like which deals in pre-pasted wallpapers. But this is the most expensive type of wallpaper as compared to all other types mentioned on the list here.

These were some of the common types of wallpapers that you will find today in the market. But it is suggested that you always prefer buying it from reliable suppliers and ensure to hire professionals for perfect installation of the wallpapers.

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