Flooring for Home and Offices

Being a remodeler or builder of commercial space, the choice for flooring materials must satisfy the unique needs of homeowners and also the project budget of commercial spaces. If you are involved in building rental properties, the flooring must be robust and durable enough to withstand the daily abuses and wear and tear. But, there are some flooring choices which are no-brainers like the bathroom tiles. The other flooring options are subject to value and style of the home or office and preferences of the local market. Moreover, the quality, price and style of the flooring must be suitable for the overall decor and value of the property. Below is the list of common types of flooring for home and offices.

  1. Hardwood and Bamboo Flooring

Hardwood or Wooden Flooring is the best looking flooring option indeed and it is perennial favourite amongst the homeowners and renters of commercial spaces. The hardwood flooring actually makes a good sense for almost all the areas of a home including living areas, dining rooms and kitchens. But, it is not a good option for areas which get wet frequently or register lots of traffic including laundry rooms, bathroom, and mudrooms. Bamboo flooring is also the same as the hardwood flooring in terms of cost of installation, performance and maintenance.

Today, you will find hardwood flooring that comes both prefinished and unfinished and also in solid and Engineering Wood Flooring. The engineered wood flooring is thicker which is 3/4 inches thicker than the normal hardwood floors. They are basically tongue and groove planks which are nailed to wooded subfloor and can also be glued to concrete. The solid hardwood flooring is masterly sanded and finished on the site itself after the flooring is installed and the prefinished hardwood needs no finishing after installation.

  1. Laminate Flooring

The low cost alternative to all other hardwood flooring is the Laminate Flooring. This flooring is made out of wood pulp and resin and it can deliver a real and natural wood look. The laminate floors can replicate the hardwood style of flooring like traditional favourite maple and cherry and the specialty types such as reclaimed barn wood and wide plank pine. Laminate floors are made out of medium density fibreboard and the core topped with the photo layer for the looks and finished with polymer for a laminated and shiny look. The laminate floors are glued down and it is necessary for staying in place after installation.

Unlike hardwood Flooring for Home, the laminate floors can be refinished after installation or when the finish wears or damages. It is impossible to repair and its finishing is tough and very highly moisture and stain resistant. However, the joints between the planks are likely to trap moisture and it makes it swell and chip quickly if water is allowed to sit on the gaps. But, the laminate floors are the great option for homeowners with limited budget. It delivers a hardwood flooring look but with small budget.

  1. Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring

Vinyl and Linoleum are two different materials and they are the similar types of resilient Flooring for Home. Both the flooring options are easy to install and they comes in tiles, sheet forms and planks. Moreover, this flooring option is highly durable and can resist moisture. The best part is that it is available in a variety of styles and colour scheme to suit overall decor of the house. Vinyl and linoleum flooring is considered to be the best flooring option for high traffic areas and hard working areas and hence it makes a good choice for offices and commercial establishments.

The only difference between linoleum and vinyl is the material. Vinyl is the plastic material and made out of PVC and it is similar to polymers. However, linoleum is the flooring option that is made out of natural materials mainly cork, jute, linseed oil and cork. Vinyl floor is the option that offers a variety of price ranges, style options along with quality ranging from premium to very low end. Linoleum is the flooring option that is available in many vibrant colour options and it is mid-to-high end and no budget has been set for the versions of linoleum.

  1. Ceramic Tiles

The last on the list is the ceramic tile flooring. Tile flooring is always the best choice for areas where water is mostly used like bathrooms, kitchens and also in dining areas, entryways, and hallways. They are available in a variety of colour schemes to suit the unique theme and style options and it is considered to be the most versatile flooring material today. You will find everything from tiny mosaics to the huge format floor tiles to wood like tile that resemble hardwood with durability of the ceramic material.

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