Holi Decoration Items

We are knocking at the door of the third month of the year. And we all are more or less excited for the festivals of color, “Holi.”With so many eatables on your list already have you thought about the décor of your house? You would not want to keep it the same way. Do you? There is no need of making some extensive arrangements in your house, all you need to do is get some touch up done.

For all the people looking for tips to enhance the beauty of the house, you are on the right page. Listed below are some ways by which you can help yourself in improving the quality and looks of your home.

  1. Colorful Curtains: As we know that holi is a festival of colors then, first of all,we need to brighten up our house with every bright and colorfulthing. Starting off with curtains that are a basic thing to start with. Try to put all the colorful and bright curtains on. This holi go for transparent or net curtain they will surely give a whole new look to your house and above everything, it is very easy to wash and keep your house clean. This will not just help you in lighting up your place but also give it a completely new look. To compliment your house, curtains can be a very good touch up point but high quality wallpapers can really help your house get an all new look. So, this can be a game changer for you this holi.

Colorful Curtains

  1. Bright Sofa Covers: Holi brings colors which eventually bring all the stains and color dirt. But the main thing to give attention here is the sofa, couches they get even dirtier and full of stains that do not even go away that easily. That is why keeping your sofa covered so that it doesn’t get dirty but should look beautiful and colorful at the same time. Better go for dark colors so that even if the colors do touch your sofa it will not leave any stain on it.

Bright sofa covers

  1. Living Room: Making your living room more bright and live than usual days is a must thing. And when it is Holi around the corner then the colorful decoration or a colorful makeover is very important. You don’t really have to go for bulky, heavy and expensive things to get you living area updated as per the festive scene. All you need to do is hang a colorful wall hanging, lit up lamps all over your place. You can also go for flowers or colorful marbles in a glass pot and keep them at the center of the table. For a change replace almost all the boring and dull vibe giving things to brighter ones. For example, you can go for colorful curtains, floral wall hanging, bright rugs, fresh flowers pot,and many more things. And on the last note, if you are already bored with the regular flooring of your house, then you can get in touch with some of the engineered wood flooring manufacturers around you to get some cool designs and flooring tips from them.

Living room

  1. Kitchen: While taking all the places of the house for a makeover list we many of the times forthe kitchen which is the basic and one of the most important places to start changes with. You can make a beautiful, attention seeking rangoli at the front of the kitchen gate and just notice how simply it will change the look of your house. Also, you can replace old, boring white lights to disco or colorful I know it might sound little crazy but it really makes a lot of difference.


  1. Lawns or terrace: We all very well know that Holi is an outdoor festival. This festival is usually celebrated in outdoor places like balconies, lawns, terrace so that all the mess we create can easily be washed away and did not hurt our interior look. Then giving these places that festive vibe is important. You can decorate your lawns, terrace by decorating it all by artificial flowers, colorful paper hangings as we play hold majorly by water and taking up expensive hanging will eventually waste all your money. Because it is all going to ruin once you throw water on it. You can check out some more blogs and articles about home décor on BVG website that can help you in redecorating your house.

Lawns or terrace

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