Laminated Wood Flooring and Its Benefits

In simple terms laminate flooring is basically a synthetic product. It is made up by compressing many layers together. Laminate flooring is extremely affordable and durable. This type of flooring has four important components. Let’s start with the last first- backer layer, core layer, décor layer, and the wear layer.

The first layer which is the wear layers is basically what you will on top of the flooring. This is the layer which will protect the surface from scratches and daily wear. This layer also makes it easy for you to clean it at one go.

The second layer which is the décor layer is basically a printed image which helps in attaining the natural wood like tile, or stone like look.

The third one core layer keeps the laminate flooring dent-resistant.

Lastly, the backer layer works as a support and it provides stability to the flooring.

Where can you install the laminate flooring?

The best area to install laminate wood flooring is high-traffic areas, this can be either the living room or the play room for the kids. Laminate flooring is long lasting and durable ensuring that it stays intact for a longer duration. However, their usage is not limited to living rooms only. It’s timeless appeal and waterproof quality is making people use it in kitchen and bathroom too! If you have a basement then you can also choose laminate flooring for that as well. Ensure that you buy only the best price laminate flooring.

Can I use laminate flooring on walls too?

Yes, laminate floor planks are the ones to go for if you want to use it on the interior walls, but not on ceilings or countertops. Before applying, ensure that the wall surface is dry and cleaned well. Speak to to learn about the installation process of laminate floor planks on the walls.

What are the important things to know about the laminate flooring?

Before purchasing laminate flooring for your home, you will have to think about a few key points, which are as follows:

  1. Thickness: The thickness for laminate flooring can vary from 7 to 12- millimetre. Choosing a thicker laminate flooring means that it will be able to resist heavy traffic better. Although all the laminate flooring will be durable and dent resistant. Still, there will be some manufacturers who will include the core and attached pad to the thickness as well. Hence, it is better to speak to them before buying.
  2. Width: Width can also vary from five to seven inches, and in some cases even more.
  3. Finish: Regarding finishes, you will get a lot of options like cherry, hickory, pine, maple, chestnut, walnut, and oak.
  4. Texture: Laminate flooring is available in an array of textures as well as finishes, you can choose an embossed or embosses in Register which is EIR. This texture looks as natural as the real natural wood flooring. Second choice for you is handscraped, although it is not really handscraped, but the laminate flooring is pressed enough to make it look like hanscraped hardwood flooring. Then the third is high gloss texture, this one has a mirror finish and resist dents and scratches easily.
  5. Underfloor heating: Do remember that not every laminate flooring is meant for underfloor heating. For this, it will be better to speak to the manufacturer and confirm if the laminate flooring is embedded with mesh in thin-set. Along with it, you can also talk to the manufacturer about the difference between engineered wood flooring price and laminate.

Is laminate flooring waterproof and water-resistant?

Yes, laminate flooring comes with waterproof or water-resistance quality too. Let the manufacturer know about your requirements to ensure that you get water-resistant laminate flooring only. Never forget to read about the product information along with the warranty period of the flooring. By water resistance we generally mean the moisture has to be cleaned within 30 minutes.

What are the benefits of laminate wood flooring?

  • Laminate flooring doesn’t cost much, at least not like hardwood. Even though it is less expensive it doesn’t compromise on its appearance or quality. If you want to buy an affordable flooring which will bring in the essence of natural wood flooring, then laminate wood flooring is definitely the right option for you.
  • Laminated flooring is covered in an extra layer making it strong and scratch-resistant. It also stays safe from fading its colour. If you have kids and pets in your home and want a flooring which will remain safe, then laminate flooring is a definite yes.
  • While cleaning the laminate flooring, you can easy clean it. Just make sure that you clean the spills and stains as quickly as possible just in case if the laminate wood flooring you have purchased is not waterproof.
  • Laminate wood flooring is not difficult to install either. These wood floorings have interlocking system which makes it extremely easy to install. You can easily put it o top of the existing flooring, that’s why it asks for less time to install it. In fact, with proper guidelines even you will be able to install laminate wood flooring on your own too.
  • Laminate floorings are available in wood, tiles, and stones. Plus, you can also browse through their galore of colour options too.
  • People who are prone to allergies or suffer from asthma, switching to laminate flooring will be a good idea for them.

Pick laminate flooring of your choice to beautify your home. Use different kinds of laminate flooring in different room. In fact, due to their water-resistance quality, they are now gaining a lot of popularity. You can use these laminate floorings in kitchen and bathroom as well.

To learn more about laminate wood, tiles, and stones flooring, you can get in touch with BVG, visit their site or call them at 011 72900 45321- 25.

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