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Wallpaper Designs – The wall is an essential thing of a place. Be it a house or an office; the wallpaper provides a unique outlook that changes the perception of a place altogether. At present, there are various types of wallpaper design and price available in the market. Customers can even get customized designs as per demand.

The wallpaper price list is also very vibrant due to the huge variety of designs and services available for attaching wallpapers. Mainly, the price is directly dependent on the type and quality of the wallpaper design.

Wallpaper Designs Online

All types of wallpaper for walls designs are available. Some of the most prominent and popular designs of wallpaper are given below.

  • Spiritual & Religion – With such designs, religions and be portrayed on the walls with confidence. Everyone has their own beliefs, both on the physical and spiritual level. Therefore, such wallpapers can describe the self-beliefs of a person.
  • Paintings – Walls that portray natural sceneries in paintings exhibit a different type of environment. Additionally, having painting designs as wallpapers can provide a creative and comfortable environment, especially for art lovers.
  • Designer – Designer wallpapers are probably the best fit to fill the blank spaces in walls anywhere. Even in homes or Office, the designer wallpapers go everywhere.
  • Beauty & Spa – To provide a professional touch to parlors and clinics, beauty and spa wallpapers can prove to be highly useful to provide a comfortable environment.
  • 3D Designs – With the latest craze of illusion casting, 3D wallpaper designs are probably the most in-demand right now. These designs offer an engaging environment in the workplace or at home.
  • Abstract – Wallpapers of abstract design provide a unique feel and are for art lovers and enthusiasts; such configurations can be of high demand.
  • Corporate Office – Wallpapers of corporate office designs are best suited for commercial places and corporate offices, as the name suggests. With these designs, the outlook of the company can get amplified significantly.
  • City & Landscape – Wallpaper with designs of city and Landscape can provide an encouraging and impressive feel wherever they are applied.
  • Nature – For nature lovers who cannot travel a lot, the best way to cope up is to decorate the home wallpapers with stunning designs of nature. Such wallpapers provide a sense of serenity and calmness.
  • Monuments – Wallpapers with designs of monuments are also available for those who want to provide globalization modeled look in their homes or offices.
  • Birds & Animals – For those who are animal or bird lovers can design their wallpapers with such designs to have a more cheerful outlook and environment.
  • Aquarium – Kids’ rooms or playrooms can be decorated very nicely with aquarium designed wallpaper designs. Such designs can provide encouragement and happiness.
  • Kids & Teens – With various wallpaper designs from kids & teens variety, nurseries, and rooms can be designed nicely to provide the kids with a wonderful and fun time.
  • Window View – Wallpaper designs of with window view can be great for specific places such as shops, restaurants, offices, and even residences.
  • Roof View – Wallpapers with roof view designs can fit anywhere. Be it home or Office; such designs can provide an excellent outlook and initiate the creative thinking in people.

Wallpaper Prices List in India

Wallpapers are available in various designs as per the demands and choice of the customers. Obviously, with so many varieties available, the prices of the wallpapers available also belong in a very high range.

From standard wallpapers to economic wallpaper and premium wallpapers, the pricing of the wallpapers can be very different. Wallpaper for walls price varies from place to place.

Even though the prices of the wallpapers are not fixed in different parts of the country, there can be an average estimate of the amount that is asked for wallpapers. At present, the rates of the wallpapers are mainly charged in two aspects. Either the prices are charged for the wallpaper rolls required for the covering of the required places, or it concerns square foot.

In square foot measure, the exact square foot on which the designer wallpapers are applied is recorded. As per the total square feet, the charge is calculated. The average price range of wallpaper rolls is from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000. In terms of square feet, the average price range is from Rs. 50 per sq. Ft to Rs. 250 per sq. Ft.

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