Carpet tiles in Delhi

Carpet tiles are the carpet that comes in the form of tiles instead of broadloom rolls.  Often, the carpet tiles have  backing and padding attached. The adhesive is already applied to each tile and  therefore, all one has to do is pull back the plastic sheet to expose it. Simply, place the peel and stick carpet on the floor and press down so that it adheres to the floor.

This makes it easier to tile a room in luxurious carpet within a few hours. Sometimes, some adhesives may leave a residue on the sub floor but some do not. This can easily be cleaned.

Glue-Free Carpet Tiles:

There are also many  glue-free carpet tile available. For installation you have to purchase double-sided carpet tape or a pressure adhesive to ensure a more permanent hold. For a high-traffic room a pressure-sensitive adhesive or glue is recommended.

Carpet Tiles in Delhi:

Home decoration is a catch word in cities. Almost every home uses unique design to give texures and hue to the floor. To cope up with this requirement BVG in Delhi is striving hard  to design and re-design carpet tiles.

Given below are some of the efforts made by the company towards fulfilling rising demand.

Variety of Carpet Tiles are made available in Delhi to cater the needs of various tastes. Summery of these are shown below:

Carpeted Floor designs for both residential and commercial  house:

There are Various options available to choose from a variety of designs  available with BVG.   Some of these are :

  • Monolithic Vs Quarter  Turn: General way to lay carpet tile is monolithic pattern, which is also known as straight lay pattern, which is basically a non-pattern. If the carpet tiles are turned on a 90 degrees it is called Quarter Turn,
  • Brick Lay Vs, Ashlar: Another pattern is Brick lay or an ashlay pattern depending upon the layout of the room. Also, one can make a combination of quarter turn and brick lay ( or ash lay). This is called a quarter drop pattern, © Stripes: This is another pattern to give dimension and hue to your room. Sometimes, it looks better with bold colours( viz, in a play room) , and in other times it looks better in a neutral colour.(e.g. gray) and a pop color( e.g. blue)
  • Colour Patterns: One can do as many colours as one likes. Even, according to one’s choice one can create boxes and random pop colours. Choice is unlimited.
  • Mix and Match: One can mix colors, patterns, sizes, shapesand even textures. Here, one can have an ocean of choice for colour.

Carpet Tiles are less expensive:

Carpet tiles are easy to install as compared to board room rolls. So, you can do it yourself to save labour, time and wastage. If a labour is engaged then possibility of unwanted wastages and time over-run is always there which will eventually increase the cost.

Moreover, time required for installation of carpet tiles is less as compared to marble flooring.

To sum up, compared to hard surfaces like marble overall cost of carpet tiles becomes less.

Moreover,  maintenance wise carpet tiles are easy to maintain. In case of defect, individual tiles can be replaced without damaging the rest of the floor. This is not possible in case of marble flooring.

Conclusion: As is seen the BVG is well placed to meet the demand for carpet tiles and to give beauty to your floors, both residential and commercial sites. Therefore, if you are looking for CARPET TILES IN DELHI, then please visit BVG.

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