Wallpapers Over Paints

Decorating the house with different things and giving them a totally different look is everybody’s dream. But the most important question that arises is how exactly can a house be decorated? There are so many ways to decorate the house but each individual has their own way and perspective when it comes to decorating the house. Some want heavy interior, some want lighter one, some want all themed, whereas some want all simple yet stylish. With different ways of thinking and different perspective, there are equally different choices and budget of people. Some can afford literally anything when it comes to the decoration of their happy place, whereas for some people it is a process done only in order to make it look presentable in front of others.

So in a world full of variations and different mindsets it gets difficult how to satisfy everybody’s need and wants. Well, I can’t speak on behalf of everything but talking particularly about the interior designing then yes there are some ways with which one can satisfy almost every need of theirs. It will satisfy problems like decorating the house, giving your place a fresh and new look, colorful and various designing, any many other things that one wants in their house that too under budget. Wondering how you can do this? Then once for all time thing, it is nothing other than wallpapers.

I am pretty sure that you all must know or at least have heard this term before. In the fashion world, mainly in interior designing, it is known to be a lifesaver thing. Whatever problem your wall is facing you can fix it with wallpapers. Earlier it was used if your walls get chapped paint or moist walls or if your walls are not so smooth so it used to be as a fixer of these kinds of problems. But later on, people started using it at the place of paints and rather than going for painting the walls they started preferring wallpapers only. Slowly it became a trend. You can contact the best engineered wood flooring suppliers in Delhi. And now we are here talking about the ways in which we can decorate our walls with wallpapers that too in better quality and why it should be used more than wall paints:

  1. Textures: You get various and huge numbers of textures when we go for wallpapers. You might not get that much options or variations under painting option but wallpapers are printed,right? So you can get any type of texture that you want. If you don’t feel like buying anyone that is available online or in the shop then you can get a customized one. Yes, that’s right you can literally get a textured wallpaper that you want.


  1. Price: Can you imagine how long a normal wallpaper can stay up on to your wall? Okay, I tell you it’s minimum life is about 10 to 15 years. Yes, that’s how long any wallpaper stays up in your house. And now how long can wall paints stay on to your wall? Approximately 3 to 4 years. Now I guess you yourself can make the difference which one is better and cost-effective Going for wall painting again and again at the intervals of 2 to 3 years and on the other side installing any one wallpaper for and relax yourself up for the next straight 10 years. What do you think which one is better? I hope you know better now. That is something we say choose wisely. BVG website is very good in giving you information about all this.


  1. Hides Imperfections: All of the imperfections that can’t be hidden by wall painting will easily be hidden by wallpapers. As they are printed textures over a hard sheet so when we install it on the wall it adheres smoothly and easily to the walls. With which all the imperfections will be hidden. Painting walls just paint out imperfections and rough surface too but wallpapers do not. This is why it is another important reason why we should use wallpapers over paints.


  1. Durability: As we already know how long wallpapers stay up on to your walls so durability is super high which is another reason why people these days loving wallpapers so much. See, people these days are so busy with their life that they do not want to, again and again, paint their house or waste money to decorate their houses. So for that type of people wallpapers become their best friend. They stay 3 times more than any paints. And how will you know when you need to change your wallpapers? Then wallpapers start peeling off when they are at their ending stage. If you are one of those who doesn’t like changes that much then better keep an extra roll of your previous favorite Because it is difficult to find the exact one again and again. And what I personally suggest is to keep changing and keep experimenting. To improve your wall durability just buy high quality wallpapers for wall covering.

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