Carpet tiles in India

Although the carpet tiles may seem a bit old-style, many homeowners and businesses today are trying out this flooring option for a variety of good results. The market is flooded with a variety of carpet tiles and has a surprisingly huge amount of advantages that come attached with it, instead of the traditional rollout carpet. The modular Carpet Tiles in India are becoming the famous flooring choice today, all thanks to its ease of installation, durability and ultimate design flexibility.

However, not all carpet tiles are designed equally and to help you choose the best carpet tiles for your home or commercial flooring, here are some crucial traits of different Carpet Floor Tiles in India and how these tiles can affect longevity and design of the carpet flooring.

Beautiful Shapes of Carpet Tiles

Initially, the carpet tiles were only available in the shape of a square, but with the advancement in technology rectangular planks and hexagonal planks are also designed today by the Carpet Tiles in India Manufacturers. This gives the homeowners and business owners more choice in carpet designs and shapes. The shape of the tiles actually influences the wide range of patterns that you may achieve with this tile layout.

The square carpet tiles can be rotated masterly to blend up the look or to offset the tiles and install it in brick patterns. Apart from the brick layout you also have more options in designing the planks like herringbone patterns etc. The installation patterns of the planks can add the required flair to your flooring when you are using the subtle carpet tiles.

Flexibility in Design

The biggest advantage that is offered by the carpet tiles today is the flexibility of design. You will find many different types of carpet tiles with Carpet Tiles Dealers in Delhi which can be laid in varied arrangements so as to achieve subtle patterning or to use the accent tiles to design a layout that can’t be faked by any other types of flooring.

Because of the dye and construction process of the tiles, it becomes easier for creating more elaborate patterns and designs. Today, the manufacturer uses digital dye infusion which is the process of adding colour scheme directly on the finished carpet tiles. This helps in offering optimal design flexibility which enables the users to create elaborate patterns and designs.

Installation of Carpet Tiles

The contractors make use of different installation processes for commercial and residential carpet tiles. This includes:

  • Adhesive Process – In the process the carpet tiles are glued down. But there are some adhesives for tiles that may release volatile organic compounds and this may put health risks. It may also be detrimental to the quality of air inside and hence you must always prefer using certified and VOC-free adhesives. The best adhesive that is suitable for your Carpet Tiles Installation depends on the moisture levels of sub-floors. The moisture in the sub-floor may cause the glue to breakdown and this may lead to loss of carpet tiles.


  • Adhesive Dots, Tabs and Tape – This is another type of adhesive used for the installation of carpet tiles. A small amount of adhesive is used to glue down the tiles and it is quite a labour-intensive process because removal needs to be done manually.


  • Adhesive Free Installation – This is the process of installation where no adhesive is used. The tiles are backed by high friction coating of specialized products where no adhesive is used. It saves lots of time and money and comes with added advantages like tiles can be lifted and again re-installed in varied areas, either to change the appearance or for repair.

Choosing the Best Carpet Tiles!

When it comes to choosing the best Carpet Tiles for Office or homes, the important factor to consider is the priority for the flooring project. If you are looking for flooring options to the last longer, then the priority of the project needs to be durability. Similarly, if you like to replace or renovate the carpet tiles every few years, then you may settle with the flexibility of modular carpet tiles. It would offer diverse designs and patterns for ultimate creative freedom.

Having a better understanding of the priorities and needs will help you to select the best Carpet Tiles Online India that best fit the aesthetic and practical requirements of your house and commercial establishments.

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