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When it comes to decorating a house, wallpapers are the most favored choice and for many good reasons. But the selection of the wallpapers or wall covers must be done carefully without any confusion. Painting the walls with different colors is the outdated fashion and time consuming too. Wallcoverings are the faster option that consumes very little time to get installed. But it is necessary that you make the right selection of wallpaper materials and patterns for your rooms. There are also other factors that go into selecting the right Wallpapers for Walls. Below you will come across some helpful tips and guide to buy the high-quality wallpapers for the wall.

The Right Materials for the Wallpapers!

Apart from industrial grade paper, there are also other materials that are being used for designing wall coverings, of which the most common is the Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC. In order to cater to the specific needs of homeowners and achieve the contemporary designs in homes, the wallpapers today are also designed with fake suede, fabric and also fiberglass. Below is the list of Different Types of Wallpapers that you will find today in the home improvement stores.

  • Vinyl Wallpapers – Vinyl is the material that is very shiny and hence it adds a shiny and smoother look to the walls of your house. For all low budget, home improvement projects vinyl wallpapers are commonly used and it is very easy to maintain and clean.
  • Polyvinyl Foam Wallpapers – The wallpapers that are designed with PVF offer the best insulation effects to any room. It is mainly used in rooms that have a home theatre system as it acts as a sound insulator and prevents external noises from entering the room.
  • Textile Fibres Wallpapers – The textile fiber wallpapers are quite expensive as it is made out of silk, cotton, linen and other fabrics and it also demands good care and maintenance and can only be dry cleaned.
  • Cork Wallpapers – Cork wallpapers are installed because it has fewer tendencies to expand and it offers optimal buffers against sound.
  • Fake Suede Wallpapers – The fake suede wallpapers just look like original suede, but it less likely to get dirty and has better resistance to liquids and stains.
  • Fiberglass Wallpapers – This is the modern and latest wallpapers which are very beautiful and elegant and they are fire-resistant and washable and it can resistant molds as well as cracks.

Tips to Buy High-Quality Wallpapers for Home

Toxicity Level

Before you install Wall Papers in Your House ensure that the papers are toxin-free. So, it is always suggested that you check for the reviews and materials used for designing the wall coverings. Not all wallpaper materials are organic and safe and hence it is necessary that you choose the best wallpapers that are free from toxins.


The second important factor that is worth considering when buying wallpapers for your house is the durability of the wallpapers. It makes no sense of installing wallpapers that are not durable and easily peel off or crack in few months. So, do a good research online and find the most durable wallpaper that is available within your specific budget.


Not all wallpapers are designed to demand low maintenance. Most of the wallpapers are washable material and some even act as the budding ground for mould and moisture after washing it. So, ensure that the wallpaper demands for less maintenance and it is easy for cleaning too. It is always a smart choice to install wallpapers that are waterproof and clean to clean with wet and dry clothes.

The area where Wallpapers Will be Installed

The wallpapers are required to be selected based on the area where it is to be installed. The selection must be done as per space and rooms in your home. For example, washable wallpapers must be installed in the kitchen which lacks texture but allows easy cleaning and maintenance. Plus the wallpapers that are designed for kitchen specifically are inflammable and fire retardant.

Odour Effects

Finally, you must avoid buying the wallpapers that offer malodorous effects. You will never desire that you and your family members would keep sniffing the air all day long. So, it is necessary that you install the best quality wallpapers who is odorless and never release any kind of malodorous effects.

So, these were some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when buying wallpapers for your home. is the reliable destination that shares some of the best Wallpaper Design Ideas for you and you may consider the designs before making a selection.

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