Laminate Flooring

Don’t you think floors give your house a better and a different look? After all, they are one of the most important things in the house. People usually keep on experimenting with their walls and at time ignore the floors. But they need to understand that floors are equally important and if you keep ignoring them, it would not give a better and a long lasting thing for your house.

From wooden to laminating, marbles to stones, there are a lot of varieties that are available in the market. Laminate Flooring is one of the best for Indian houses as they keep up for a long time and you need minimum money to keep it intact. So isn’t it a better option? All you need is a small amount of money and no care.

What is Laminate Flooring and why should you opt for it

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer flooring product which is formed by mixing up together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring is a synthetic product and it simulates wood with a photographic layer under a clear protective layer. The inner core layer of the laminate flooring is usually composed of fiberboard materials. If you ask me then personally what I feel that it looks beautiful, better than any other usual flooring, performs better, and feels better underfoot than ever. It can even be found as a type of premium flooring in high-end homes. There is so many damn reasons that make a person fall in love with laminate flooring. First of all, they are super eco-friendly and are very economical. Once installed I assure you it will last longer than any usual flooring.

Its installation is very easy all you need is first go to your place where you will be installing it check out properly all the details and see which particular laminate flooring will suit. Because once you install there’s no way of going back. Hey, just kidding don’t panic. You definitely can but not that worth hope you understanding. So, it is better you do all that stats, planning and plotting before installing it.

Now that you have made your mind you need to understand what are its benefits like it lasts longer then it is of course durable, lessen the overall cost will be as you do not have to change it again and again very frequently, it is very strong, break-resistant and do not trap dust and thus less will be the allergy problem, and it is eco-friendly.

What is the approximate cost for laminate flooring

The minimum durability of laminate flooring is around 30 years it is quite cheap in price and has all the ability to withstand water, hard and harsh weather situations. It basically depends upon the square foot of the place. But it is said that more the square foot more will be the price of laminate flooring but damn it’s not true the smaller the place more will be charged in installing the laminate flooring. Because more detailing and a lot of trimming are required in it and thus the time limit consumed will be more. Well talking about another factor then Location is another factor taken into account in the cost estimate that you will receive. Just to understand little better let us take an example, if you have a set of stairs or a landing in the area, you can expect the price per square foot to be higher. This is because it will require more materials to work around the area, then as before more trimming and maintenance will be involved then will eventually increase the overall cost of laminate flooring installation. Now it might sound strange but color also affects the cost of laminate flooring. You know deeper colors of the laminate are often considered premium colors and can literally double up the cost, whereas the lighter, less popular colors are often cheaper and re-found comparatively easier than the premium colors. Whether the material of the laminate is slate, tile, or wood it doesn’t matter and it won’t make any difference and does not affect the price. For more information, you can check the BVG website.

Maintenance cost and lasting effects

It does not create any mess and effort in maintaining it. It is made up two or three layers thus doesn’t break up that easily, do not trap any dust and thus eco-friendly and creates a healthy environment for the family members. And like I have already mentioned that it is made up of layers then it will stay up with you, grow up with you, they stick to you at least 20 to 25 years depending upon the brand and the way you keep the things on it. And coming over the maintenance part then for cleaning wipe it all up with a damp cloth and damn there you go. Laminate wood flooring is a better way to make your house look good.

Installation process and qualities

Before you start make sure the surface is clear and smooth because laminate flooring can only be installed in a better on a flat surface. So firstly verify the room properly and then head up to install the laminate flooring. Then measure the room properly only then you will not waste the laminate product. For nice laminate flooring installation, it gets very important to measure the room first and then buy it as from first to the last plank it should be all same and equal. After all the detailing done and measuring mix up all the planks together and place it the way measuring has been done. One mismatching will lead to spoiling of the overall look and all the money. After all this finishing up is another important task and should be given maximum time. Finish it up all properly. Apart from this, you can also get a lot of Laminate wood flooring and Benefits.

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