Laminate Wood Flooring

With any flooring material that you buy, you come across with different challenges and issues over time and Laminate Wood Flooring is no exception. There are lots of complications that are associated with this flooring option. Fortunately, there are fixes available for laminate flooring and you can easily fix those problems with right knowledge and tools. Let us look at some of the common problems with laminate flooring and how to fix it.

Slippery Surfaces

Laminate flooring comes with smooth surfaces and this often brings in a problem of safety, especially when the surface is wet. Whether it is fruit punch, water, or other beverages, these messes can be dangerous for anyone as it makes the laminate flooring slippery. Anyone can slide across the room and incur some injuries. The surface of laminate flooring even becomes slippery when it is dry, especially when you are walking with socks on.

The very important thing is the vigilance when it comes to slip hazards and other spills. It is necessary that cleaning of the surface must be done immediately to avoid the issues of slip hazards. For the sock feet issues, it is better to place runner which can create the ultimate traction on the way from your room and the kitchen, while leaving some space to create the effects that you want from laminate flooring.

Surface Damage and Scratches     

Many homeowners consider laminate flooring as the durable option, but in reality they are susceptible to scratching. People who walk across the laminate flooring with high heel shoes or pull heavy furniture across the surface may cause scratching and other surface damages.

The solution for such problem is to avoid wearing such high heel shoes and walk around the laminate flooring. Plus, you must install felt slider on the feet of the heavy furniture so that when you drag them across the surface it won’t cause any scratches and damages to the surface of the laminate flooring.


Spillage on the floor surface is not only a safety hazard, but it can also cause damages to the laminate wood floor. If you don’t respond to the spills and water on the surface of the floor it may seep into the seams between the boards, thereby causing the board surface to bubble up automatically. This ruins the overall natural look of the floors and makes it unattractive indeed.

If the damage becomes unsightly, then the solution to fix it is to replace the boards with the spare boards. If the laminate Wooden Flooring Price is affordable for you, then you may take the advantage to order some spare boards or planks for such situations. The spare planks can help you replace the damaged boards later.

Colour Fading

Like all other flooring options, laminate flooring does fade over time regardless of how little sunlight it is exposed to. Almost all the modern laminate flooring options are masterly treated with UV resistant layer on its surface. Based on the quality of the floor, this protective layer starts showing off UV rays on the floor’s surface. However, discoloration or fading is not at all an issue as it can be fixed easily.

To fix the issue you first need to check how much sunlight the floor receives and how much surface of the floor is exposed to sunlight. You can fix it by adjusting the window coverings. You also need to see what covers the floors best. You can use throw rugs, furniture or other furniture to cover the maximum area of the floor to prevent its fading. Rotating the elements present in the room can prevent the surface to get exposed to sunlight and as a result this minimizes the fading process.


Crowning or peaking is another common problem of laminate flooring and it is caused when boards lift at its seams. Climate and weather are the primary cause of peaking. Even if the laminate flooring is not natural materials, they are likely to crown and if there is no sufficient surface for expansion, peaking may be caused.

So, it is necessary that you leave behind sufficient space for expansion during installation. For extreme climatic conditions, you need to take care of the heat issues and moisture concerns to prevent peaking.

Like all other flooring options, there is Pros and Cons of Laminate Wood Flooring. But this doesn’t mean that it is not the best flooring choice for homes. Problems in every flooring option are common, but there are ways available to fix those problems and reap its benefits for years to come.

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