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Style, and durability are the two common factors that 80% of consumers and homeowners consider when choosing a new flooring option for their homes. Most of the homeowners usually prefer choosing flooring options that can withstand the environmental abuses, while style is always the secondary consideration for them. But with ... Read More
March 21, 2020Rajeev Kumar


Engineered Wood Flooring Size Guide - If you are planning to install engineered hardwood flooring in your home and want to do it yourself, then there are lots of decisions that you need to make. Apart from choosing the best-engineered hardwood flooring, you also need to decide the color schemes, ... Read More
March 17, 2020Rajeev Kumar


Ipe Decking is the new trend that is here to last for years to come. But to reap its benefits for years to come you have to install it properly like a pro. The IPE Decking Screws are the crucial part of your IPE Decking Installation Tips. The best screw ... Read More
March 12, 2020Rajeev Kumar


When it comes to decorating a house, wallpapers are the most favored choice and for many good reasons. But the selection of the wallpapers or wall covers must be done carefully without any confusion. Painting the walls with different colors is the outdated fashion and time consuming too. Wallcoverings are ... Read More
February 4, 2020Rajeev Kumar


Laminate Wood is the most common and popular choice when it comes to flooring and it has been in use for decades now. The Laminate Wood Flooring is mainly known for its ease of installation and low budget. You will find many models of Laminate Flooring that is available at ... Read More
January 27, 2020Rajeev Kumar
Wooden Flooring in Homes


Wooden Flooring is the most popular choice for many homeowners and for variety of good reasons. The warmth under the foot, rich colour textures and natural sheen of the wooden floors truly turns the heads of onlookers and envy them really. The class and otherworldly beauty offered by Wooden Flooring ... Read More
January 20, 2020Rajeev Kumar
IPE Deck Wood


If you are looking for the best IPE decking woods or IPE decking tiles for your home building needs or other work requirements, you must not consider getting anything lesser than the acceptable quality. When you will browse across online, you will definitely come across a variety of suppliers offering ... Read More
January 13, 2020Rajeev Kumar
Laminate Wood Flooring


With any flooring material that you buy, you come across with different challenges and issues over time and Laminate Wood Flooring is no exception. There are lots of complications that are associated with this flooring option. Fortunately, there are fixes available for laminate flooring and you can easily fix those ... Read More
December 26, 2019Rajeev Kumar
Solid Wood Flooring


More and more homeowners are now switching to hardwood flooring for their homes and for a variety of good reasons. Solid Wood Flooring offers the highly preferred classic look of real wood over tile or carpet. They are very easy for cleaning and maintaining their real look for years to ... Read More
November 25, 2019Rajeev Kumar
Pros & Cons of Laminate Wood Flooring


Laminate Flooring offers one thing really above all flooring options – it looks and imitates the real hardwood flooring with added protection of lamination. Developed several decades ago, the Laminate Flooring is the affordable alternative to real hardwood flooring and the modern Laminate Engineered Wood Flooring Manufacturers in Delhi have ... Read More
November 14, 2019Rajeev Kumar